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vendredi 6 février 2015


Here is the program for the Workshops during the months of February and March, from sewing basics to home decorations, choose the courses that suit you best and let your imagination run wild and create. :)

Wednesday 11 February  17h30-20h30  :  Workshop "Special Beginners"
Learn how to use the sewing machine, to sew, read a pattern, cut a pattern, make your first project..

The following courses are for all levels, however knowing how to use the basics of the sewing machine is a must. Each program is on a span of two days, you can chose to come for one day (That depends on what you wish to accomplish).

Monday 16 February and/or Wednesday 18 February 17h30-20h30 Special Workshop  « home decoration »
Learn how to make your house accessories and decorations on your own, according to your own style and the interior of your house.

Monday 23 February  and/or Wednesday 25 February 17h30-20h30 : Special Workshop « Fashion Accessories »
For the fashion enthusiasts, come and learn how to create your own fashion accessories and how to adapt them to your outfits.

Monday 2 March and/or Wednesday 4 March 17h30-20h30 : Special Course « Alteration »
Who doesn’t own an outfit that is either too long or too short and sitting in the closet for a long time now.. Learn how to alter and retouch your own clothes so that you can finally wear them.

Monday 9 March and/or Wednesday 11 March 17h30-20h30 : Special Course « Essentials »
Learn how to sew the Jersey while making your own basics like the underskirt for all transparent clothing.

1 Class (3hrs) = 37$
4 Classes (12hrs)= 130$
For reservation and more information, contact us at:

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